The Goldilocks of Social Media

Some days I feel on top of the world, checking off my to do list items, in rapid fire succession.  “I am woman, hear me roar!”  And on those days, I am unstoppable, on fire.  A woman with a mission and a mind of her own.  “Have a problem that needs fixing, well I’m your girl!”

On other days (more than I’m willing to admit, or track), the pull of the online world sends me veering onto aimless paths for hours on end.  I am sucked into the vortex of checking emails, tweeting, updating, paying bills and then browsing this site and that, all because I clicked a link on the side.  That adorable, gotta have it, chalkboard accent wall DIY post, has the power to send me on an hour-long journey of mindless clicking and zoning.  On and on the cyber train chugs along, with me as the conductor, until a thought pops into my head, “You know, Goldilocks had it all right.”  Some might consider her a bit too picky, but I have a different take.  Perhaps she was the original yogi-minded fairy tale character, who was just looking for some balance in her otherwise uncomfortable life.  And maybe she wasn’t willing to settle on something that wasn’t “just right.”

And with that thought, I stop the surf midstream, mid-click, and decide that the chalkboard accent wall was just too big for my house anyway, and that the five bean turkey chili, would most likely be too hot.  Time to log off, cozy into my just right chair, and read my favorite book, with my perfectly warm mug of hot chocolate.

Until the next time…


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Stop In, Drop In, Stay Awhile…

…just be sure to visit often, with your favorite latte or snack of choice.  Maybe we’ll laugh a bit, sometimes it might turn quickly from giggles to tears.  I can’t promise you much, but I can warn you that I have been known to scream-laugh and snort, on occasion.  Well, ok that does seem to happen to me more often than I’m prepared to admit.  But now that you know that bit of fun weirdness, you should probably plan to bookmark this page and check it often!  Until then…


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