Saying Goodbye to Parks and Rec

It’s no secret that I love to read.  When I’m in the middle of a book, I fall into that world, inhabiting it for the hours (or months) it takes me to finish the story. Sometimes I even slow my reading down, just so I can spend a few more treasured moments with these people, before they disappear at the novel’s conclusion.  A well written TV show, or one that fills a particular need of mine — to laugh, to cry, to be caught off guard — is often just as satisfying a companion, as some of my favorite books.  Parks and Rec sucks me into the ridiculousness of fictional Pawnee, and its townspeople, each and every time.  Who wouldn’t want to be invited to chow down on waffles with Leslie Knope, at her annual Galentine’s Day celebration?  Who hasn’t experienced nerdy fits of laughter over Chris Traeger’s misuse of the word literally?  And who among us can honestly say, that we haven’t wanted to utter one of April Ludgate’s signature darkly sarcastic near-truths?  I know that I will be spending my upcoming Tuesdays (its finale season) with this cast of quirky, lovable folks.  I might even be guilty of waiting to watch the last episodes of the season, just to hold onto them a bit longer.

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About Shannon Vare Christine

Living the writerly life in Bucks County, PA. Sometimes the funniest, most inspirational and memorable moments are those that happen in our day-to-day lives. Stop.Notice.Laugh.Enjoy
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