#Hackthemenu? What the What?

So what?  Maybe I am the last person in the universe to hear about secret menus, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.  I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that I’m not a trendsetter.  But still, I do have to jump on-trend for just a moment because these secret meals are too delish (or devilish) not to share.  But there has to be another lost soul out there, who like me, is not yet privy to the delights of the Twix Frap at Starbucks, or the Chipotle Burritodilla.  You’re out there somewhere in the world, right?  Right? Bueller.  Bueller.  I guess there are worse things than being the last one in the know, but I am proud to say that my waistline is safe…well until I can get my hands on some of these stealthy sweet treats.

Until next time…

Stop.Notice.Laugh.Enjoy…and be sure to get that totally craveable Zebra Iced Mocha.  You know you want one!


Sources (and Expert Menu Hackers):




About Shannon Vare Christine

Living the writerly life in Bucks County, PA. Sometimes the funniest, most inspirational and memorable moments are those that happen in our day-to-day lives. Stop.Notice.Laugh.Enjoy
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